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The location of Hangzhou Dreamy Technology factory is in a beatiful city of China, Hangzhou.  There is 3000 square meters in Building 5, No. 26, Nangonghe Road, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland).


In general, according to cargo plan of the sales department, as well as workshop production capacity, production department take responsibility for the organization and arrange the company's annual and monthly production plan.


Secondly, production department also is responsible for organizing the material consumption quota, and various production technical and economic indicators.


Thirdly, according to the requirements of the company's annual and monthly production plan, production department need to organize implement plan, master production schedule in a timely manner.

Then, production line also take responsibility to all the company's production scheduling, hold production scheduling meetings regularly, organize scale production, strengthen the quota management, reduce consumption, improve labor productivity, in strict accordance with the type, quantity, quality, delivery, safety and other requirements to complete production tasks


Except for these, there is a strict and clear division for the work in production line, which includes processing, assembly and inspection.  Division of labor is a obvious characteristic in processing, which improve the efficiency of work.  And each one has to be trained before being employee.  All these things make it into possible to product 3000pcs each day and make sure the timely shipping.  Each product has special package to guarantee the safety of products. Inspection before shipping is a respect to customers.

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We have our own technical personnel, we can accept the requirement of ODM and OEM.  



 According to other vendors' requirements, they are responsible for the design and develoment, control the sales, and we can be a Original Equipment Manufacturer, since we have a strict and clear management system and efficient production capacity to help them finish the production of products and accessories.  The technic and the perfect management system make it sure to the quality of products and the timely shipping.



The technic and concept is improving all the time during the 8 years production, since each country has its own specification standard and it is impossible our products will suitable for all the countries, ODM is a good way to expand ourmarket.  What's more, the technical staff have many years experience, and have known about the specifical market requirement of each country. So they can determine exactly the requirement of customers.  Therefore, we have capacity to design and product for other companies according to their specification and requirement. For example, the during time of our products is always 3 hours, but we can change the time according to customers requirement through changing the battery.  And other specifications, such as Operation, lamp tyepe, battery, red and LOGO and so on, can be improved as requirement of customers.  Of course, the customers need to provide the size and make specifical requirement.  ODM is a way to save the time of customers. 


Welcome the orders of foreign suppliers and manufatures.


There are 10 employees in our Research and Development Department.  Most of their major is related to electronic.  There is on doubt that they are profession and famililar with all kinds of specifications.  The manager of R&D department has research experience for almost 15 years, and can deal with all various troubles during research.  And it is a regular rule that technical staff would be trained each month to improve skill and get deeper understanding to products.  

The equipments used for research main include following four types:

1. Intergrating Spheres:

This is a equipment used to measure brightness, that means testing luminous flux of products.

2. Wave Soldering Machine:

It wil achive connection between components welding and PCB pad.  In other words, it is ueds to solder PCBs.

3. Aging Test Board:

Aging Test Board is to test products performance and select good products

4. Constant Temperature Humidity Chanber:

That is to simulate differnt environment condition and test products.

Hangzhou Dreamy Technology Co.,Ltd factory production line 0

Now, with the constant research, the duration time of most of products can keep more than 3 hours, and the style of products are more than 100.  What's more, we can be OEM and ODM according to customers' requirement. 


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